About Dermadog

Dermadog was founded by Elly Thompson through a love of dogs, a respect for the planet and the belief that you can improve the lives of your family, pets and environment by being more conscious about the types of products you use and how they are packaged.

“Using clean, natural products means you’re not harming your dog’s (or your) body – and choosing eco-friendly products and packaging means you’re not damaging the Earth, water or seas.”

Naturally creative, Elly fancied a change from her career as a designer and turned her hand to cosmetic product-making and learning about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. She started formulating oil blends and making her own products; using them to treat herself, the family and the animals.

“I’ve always been quite health-conscious, but since having children my feeling of responsibility towards my family’s well-being was immensely magnified. I became much more selective about the food and products we bought. I became more conscious of what they contained and how they were packaged. It’s shocking to see how much one-time plastic is still being used. Companies need to be more responsible for their product packaging.

It makes me feel good to support companies that are aligned with my values and to stop funding those that aren’t. Dermadog is underpinned by all of my values and I hope that people will feel good about themselves when they buy and use our products.”

Elly lives in Wiltshire with her husband, Nick, who is a veterinary surgeon with 27 years’ experience and runs Holisticvet, a veterinary consultancy with a special interest in canine nutrition and botanical medicine. Nick lectures internationally, writes for a variety of veterinary publications and is an advocate for raw feeding. He formed the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society, an organisation of vets who seek to inform, educate and learn about species-appropriate nutrition. Through Nick, Elly has gained much valuable knowledge and experience about the well-being of dogs.

They live with their two young children, a whippet (Bluebell, pictured here), a snowshoe cat (Ziggy) and their four chickens!