Mini Trio Tin


Get the benefit of three sprays in one set with the Mini Trio Tin, containing:

Hush Calming Spray 10ml to calm and quell anxiety.
Insect Defence Spray 10ml to repel ticks and fleas.
Glossy Coat Spritz 10ml to hydrate and condition.

Perfect as a gift, for travelling or if you simply want to try all three sprays before purchasing the full size.

Consider pairing up our sprays with these fantastic herbal blends by Hedgerow Hounds:

For a calming effect, Hush Calming Spray works well alongside their Tranquility herbal blend for anxious or hyperactive dogs.

Strengthen your dog’s protection from ticks and fleas by using Insect Defence spray with Nature’s Bounty, containing a blend of immunity-boosting, bug repellent herbs.

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Hush Calming Spray 10ml
Insect Defence Spray 10ml
Glossy Coat Spritz 10ml

White tin with pink or black Dermadog branded lid, all measuring 107x73x28mm.


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