Nature’s Tonic


Natures Tonic is the first seasonal blend of the year, celebrating ingredients that have been traditionally used as a Spring tonic and a gentle cleanse to the system after the winter months. This blend can also be used at anytime of the year when a pick me up is needed.

Each blend is designed to provide variation in the diet throughout the year and each blend brings its own unique qualities.

Ingredients: Hawthorn, Avena sativa, spring nettle, dandelion leaf & root, cleavers, parsley, milk thistle, watercress, fennel, psyllium, calendula, coconut oil.

small dogs (under 15kg) half a teaspoon

medium dogs (16-35kg) one teaspoon

large dogs (40+kg one heaped teaspoon

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Ingredients: Hawthorn flowering tops, Avena sativa, Spring nettle, Cleavers, Dandelion leaf, Parsley, Milk Thistle, Watercress, Dandelion root, Fennel seed, Psyllium husks, Calendula, Coconut oil.

Pack size: 70g and 125g

Stir into raw or moist dog meals, rehydrate with water and mix into dry food or infuse and use as a tea. Perfect for adding to any treats or recipes you make for your dog.

Feed your dog a small amount at first and then build up to the suggested amount over a few days. Feed daily for the first month and then 5 days a week after that.

*To store, please reseal bag and store out of direct sunlight. If your dog is pregnant, on medication or under 10 weeks of age, check with your vet before use. This is a complimentary feed supplement and shouldn’t be used instead of seeking advice from a vet. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use.*

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