Tick Pick


Dermadog Tick Pick provides a safe and easy way to remove ticks from your pets – and also you! Tick Pick comes in three handy sizes, which can be washed and reused again and again.

We’ve packaged our Tick Picks in a simple paper envelope (no single-use plastics or blister packs here!) along with easy to follow instructions.

A packet of Tick Picks is the perfect companion for Insect Defence Spray.



  1. Choose a suitable Tick Pick depending on the size of tick: small, medium or large.
  2. Slide the pick against the skin towards the tick, catching it between the prongs*.
  3. Rotate the pick 2-3 times between your fingersand gently lift. The tick will detach itself.
*Do not pull, squeeze or crush the tick, as it may panic and release saliva or leave its mouthparts inside, causing infection.


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