Tranquil Herbal Blend – Relax and Soothe


For anxious or hyperactive dogs.

‘Tranquil’ Herbal Blend for dogs is a specially developed mix to relax and soothe. This herbal remedy combines herbs, seeds and roots to help calm your dog’s mind and body it is especially appropriate for stressed, nervous, anxious and hyperactive dogs. This holistic herbal supplement is also formulated to soothe the gut and aid digestion which can be upset through periods of prolonged stress.

Works wonderfully alongside Dermadog Hush Calming Spray to help treat anxiety from the inside out.

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This Tranquil Herbal Blend makes a perfect addition to raw or home prepared food or wet holistic dog food but can equally be mixed to dry food.

Ingredients: Alfalfa, Avena Sativa, Vervain, Passiflora, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Calendula, Marshmallow root, Chia seed, Linseed, Fennel, Coconut oil, Black pepper.

Pack size: 70g

Stir into raw or moist dog meals, rehydrate with water and mix into dry food or infuse and use as a tea.

Suggested use: Small dogs (10-18kg) half a 5ml measure | Medium dogs (20-35kg) one 5ml measure | Large dogs (40+kg) one heaped measure

Feed your dog a small amount at first and then build up to the suggested amount over r a few days. Feed daily for the first month and then 5 days a week after that.

*To store, please reseal bag and store out of direct sunlight. If your dog is pregnant, on medication or under 10 weeks of age, check with your vet before use. This is a complimentary feed supplement and shouldn’t be used instead of seeking advice from a vet. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use. Not suitable for cats.*

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