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We’ve ditched our plastic bottles to go completely plastic-free!

We're ditching the plastic!

We’ve made the decision to temporarily discontinue our liquid shampoos, which are currently bottled in PET plastic, in a bid to make all of our products plastic-free.  Although PET plastic is recyclable and we have good faith that our customers will responsibly recycle their empty bottles after use, we want to make the next big step towards a completely plastic-free product range and show our commitment to helping the planet.

Therefore, our entire stock of liquid shampoo is now ON SALE now, for just £9.99 per bottle – but when they’re gone, they’re gone!
Grabs yours while stocks last.

We can’t say yet when we will relaunch the popular liquid shampoo range, but are currently looking into several different options – all of which are plastic-free. We’ll announce the relaunch when we’ve found the most suitable option – please watch this space.

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